Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mold and Insect Resistant Building Material

Turtle Clan's Compressed Agricultural Fiber Panel (CAFP) otherwise known as a Structurally Insulated Panel System (SIPS), is US GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL and Department of Energy and Department of Defense approved, while being one of THE sustainable building material of the future.

Not only is this GREEN, 13 LEEDS CREDITS product a marvelous tool for the design of the structures for many of our projects, it simplifies the structural design and allows the reduction of the number of trades and suppliers on the job.

The plenum space is freed for duct work and electrical/data distribution, which cuts time from the project schedule.

Turtle Clan is a one stop, turnkey firm that delivers a superior structural wall system to your site that is sustainable, insulated, air tight, noise resistant, mold-insect-fire-blast-hurricane-earthquake resistant and made from agricultural by-products.

Plus, it goes up 8x faster than conventional methods which saves our clients money

In high wind load zones and seismic areas the product allows less detailing and calculations to meet the structural demands.

Because of the fire rating of the panels, less material and concerns of fire proofing is eliminated. In the interior fit-out, we are able to wall mount furniture and equipment without the necessity of blocking or plywood.

For our clients, whether a single occupant or a multi-tenant building, the long term energy savings and the sustainable material is a huge benefit in tax credit, LEED certification and the speed to market.

Agricultural fiber panels manufactured from compressed wheat straw that replaces structural steel and reduces overall project cost.

These sustainable panels have several key benefits:

* Installs 8x faster than conventional methods saving clients thousands
* On site within 4 weeks of plans being approved.
* Negative carbon footprint
* Tested safe up to F5 wind conditions - Miami Dade County approved
* Fire rating of 2.5 hours for dramatic insurance savings
* Delivers up to 13 LEEDS points - halfway to USGBC LEEDS accredited status
* Thermal envelope that is 7x tighter than traditional construction
* Mold and Insect Resistant
* F 5 Category Hurricaine and Tornado Proof
* Classifies as Department of Defense Approved Blast Proof Bomb Shelter
* -Earthquake Proof
* No jobsite waste.
* Save thousands on energy bills and insurance costs on the jobs site

Currently the choice for Wells Fargo, Wachovia, Ft. Hood, US Postal Service, Cutting Edge Architects, Builders and many more discerning forward thinking clients wanting to become better stewards of the planet.

Ideal for:
Hotels, Resorts, Military Installations, Banks, Restaurants, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Schools, Commercial Retail Spaces, High End Housing, Low Income Housing.

From the farmland to your job site, this product feeds and houses people and is the sustainable building material of the future.

Why use anything else?


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